Buenos Aires

Augusto Fernandes

“Shakespeare is not just to be read but to be performed”
Augusto Fernandes
Augusto Fernandes is one of the most well-known Directors and Drama Teachers in Argentina.

Director and praised Drama Teacher Augusto Fernandes began his career at the age of 5, acting at the Drama Department of the Labarden School. Artistic Director at La Máscara Theater. He completed his training with Mrs. Hedy Crilla (introduced Stanislavsky’s Method in Argentina). His first job as Stage Director was in 1962 when he directed the play Soledad para cuatro.

He created the Equipo de Teatro Experimental de Buenos Aires (ETEBA,1969). He was Dean at Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático (1973). He delivered acting training seminars in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. In 1996 founded his own acting school.

He directed among others: Fin de diciembre (Best Direction Award, 1965), El Tiempo de los Carozos and Negro Azul Negro (Best Director Award 1966), El Campo (Best Show Award 1968), La leyenda de Pedro, Madera de Reyes (Award Best Direction 1994) & El Relámpago.

Borges & Shakespeare

“Jorge Luis Borges was a great admirer of the English Language and of William Shakespeare. Borges was dazzled with the enigma of identity”

Borges wrote: “Those who repeat a line from Shakespeare are William Shakespeare”
“No one has ever been so many men as this man who like the Egyptian Proteus, could exhaust all the appearances of being”

Rolando Costa Picazo
Rolando Costa Picazo
Dr. Rolando Costa Picazo is a scholar, critic, and translator.

Professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad de Belgrano. Member of Academia Argentina de Letras and Academia de Estudios Interdiciplinarios. Correspondent for Real Academia Española.

President of the Asociación Argentina de Estudios Americanos and President of the Asociación Argentina de Literatura Comparada for the period 2011-2014.

Dr. Costa Picazo translated more than 100 works from English into Spanish.
In prose, authors such as Hemingway, Faulkner, Gordimer, Mailer, Miller, Capote, Henry James, Poe, Melville, Bellow. In Poetry, Auden, Crane, Kerouac, O’Hara, Eliot, Pound and Shakespeare.

He is author of critical editions of Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Othello and Romeo and Juliet.

He spent the last years working on a critical edition of Jorge Luis Borges ‘s Complete Works (III Volumes).

A Shakespeare Celebration at Fundación Borges

FSA celebration, April 2013
FSA celebrated Shakespeare’s Birthday at Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges on April 23 2013.

FSA organized a great celebration of Shakespeare’s Birthday in Buenos Aires on April 23 hosted by Fundación Borges thanks to Mrs. María Kodama, Borges’s widow and President.

First, Director and praised Drama Teacher Augusto Fernandes spoke about Shakespeare’s work from his perspective as a director. He referred to his first approach to Shakespeare. He expressed the concern about the difficulties of working with existing Shakespeare translations into Spanish for the stage.
He also shared his experience on making his own production of the play Pericles.

Dr. Rolando Costa Picazo gave a brilliant Lecture on Shakespeare in Borges’s work.
He mentioned the multiple and deep references on Shakespeare in Borges’s work. Finally recalled the famous Lecture given by Borges at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC (USA).

Keynote speakers contributions to draw the attention of Shakespeare in the Argentinian culture will be remembered by a joyful audience, packed in the cozy and significant venue of Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges.