December 2015

The Nordic Shakespeare Society (NorSS) aims to encourage and support a network of scholars, educators, translators and theatre practitioners across the Nordic countries, who share an interest in Shakespeare and early modern culture, but also welcomes approaches to Shakespeare in a broader Scandinavian context. It is hoped that this network will provide a vital resource for developing research, collaboration and the gathering and dissemination of information which may then be shared with other communities within Shakespeare studies.

Our bylaws are yet to be finalised and formally approved, but our inaugural conference and first meeting helped us to lay out our collective plans as well as to elect two officers: Martin S. Regal (University of Iceland) has agreed to serve as the first president of NorSS and Delilah Bermudez Brataas (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) has agreed to serve as secretary.

Future meetings will be held in all the countries concerned, but NorSS may also propose a series of panels at established conferences (for example, ESRA, ESSE, NAES etc.), which should offer us the possibility to meet regularly and discuss how to strengthen the society.

Regional Representatives:

 Iceland: Martin Regal, University of Iceland

 Denmark: Charles Lock, Copenhagen University

 Norway: Delilah Bermudez Brataas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

 Finland: Nely Keinänan, University of Helsinki

 Sweden: Per Sivefors, Linnaeus University

We need members!

The first step to establishing the society is gathering members. We need members to act as resources, gather information and recruit others in any of the areas listed below, although we also welcome suggestions for further scholarly exploration. Once we have made progress in accumulating members and resources, our next step will be to develop a website and online presence.

To join, please forward your name, contact information, affiliation, and academic or research interest to